May 19, 2022 Thought Leadership 2 mins read

Wealth management insights: Opening digital doors to personalized advice and engagement

Wealth management insights: Opening digital doors to personalized advice and engagement. Pascal President and CEO Howard Atkinson shared his insights into digital engagement and personalization in wealth management at the Wealth Professional Canada WP WealthTech Summit 2022.


The presentation begins with a section on why financial advisors need digital engagement and personalization if they want to have a practice in the future. Looking at data from the Next-Gen 2021 Tech Survey, CGI, ThoughtLAB, and Capgemini, Howard makes a powerful case for wealth management firms and their advisors to implement a digital engagement and personalization program now.

Next, Howard examines how the advisor-client relationship is changing and what wealth advisors need to do to get ready. Presenting key takeaways from

Deloitte’s outstanding report “Optimizing the wealth consumer engagement wealth journey” along with insights from industry leaders, Howard explains why engagement, personalization, and loyalty are essential to building solid advisor-client relationships.

Third, the presentation explores how digital engagement and personalization delivers value to wealth management firms. Sharing data and insights from McKinsey Digital, Gallup, Merkle Helloworld, Vanguard, and WTFintech, Howard presents the business impact of digital engagement and personalization programs.

Finally, Howard presents how Pascal is meeting the personalization and engagement challenge by providing advisors with innovative products including Living Wealth, a digital engagement and client loyalty platform, and InvestorEQ, a behavourial finance informed risk tolerance product.

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