September 24, 2021 Thought Leadership 1 mins read

Wealth Management in a Digital World. Pascal CEO Howard Atkinson Presentation to the IAFP Symposium.

Pascal CEO Howard Atkinson, one of Canada’s leading wealth management executives, took a deep dive into the role digital technology is playing in wealth management at the 2021 Institute of Advanced Financial Planners (IAFP) Symposium.


The presentation begins with an examination of the challenges facing financial advisors today, the current state of technology in wealth management and presents survey data looking at client expectations surrounding digital technology.

Next, the presentation focuses on the digital imperative for financial advisors as they strive to meet industry and client challenges, looking at key advisor demographics and what can be done to increase digital adoption rates so advisors can overcome challenges.

Finally, the presentation looks at key priorities to implement a digital strategy for advisors and the process that will enable them to future-proof their wealth management practices.

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