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Pascal WealthTech Makes Behavioural Finance Tool Available for All Advisors

InvestorEQ helps financial advisors make emotional connection with clients.

TORONTO, July 28, 2021 – InvestorEQ, the powerful behavioural finance tool at the centre of Pascal’s integrated digital wealth management platform, is now available as a standalone tool for financial advisors.

Powered by Syntoniq, global leaders in behavioural science, InvestorEQ leverages scientifically validated psychometric modules to help financial advisors gain deeper insights into their clients investing behaviours and to give clients a deeper understanding of their own motivations.

“What advisors really want to hear from their clients is ‘my advisor gets me’,” said Pascal CEO Howard Atkinson in making the announcement. “InvestorEQ gives advisors more of those moments. It’s KYC (Know Your Client) meets CKY (Client Know Yourself).”

Howard Atkinson, CEO, Pascal WealthTech

Studies from Syntoniq show how this innovative technology can transform an advisor practice. Advisors using InvestorEQ experienced an 85% increase in prospect conversions, 160% increase in referral rates and a 78% increase in client engagement.

Mark Doyle, Pascal President and a registered portfolio manager said, “advisors need to communicate with clients in a way that encourages positive outcomes and emotional satisfaction. InvestorEQ’s eight detailed investor profiles and its dynamic risk range really help advisors make that EQ connection with their clients.”

Mark Doyle, Pascal President

Among the initial clients using InvestorEQ is Wealth Stewards, a boutique wealth management firm and winner of the 2017 and 2018 Global Financial Planning Awards for Canada. “We had an incumbent behavioural finance tool we were using but found it didn’t deliver the relationship building we wanted,” said Gerald Zengeya, Business Optimization Strategist at Wealth Stewards. “Relationship management is at the core of our firm and InvestorEQ helps our team to fully understand our clients and allows us to truly demonstrate our wealth management experience and wisdom.”

Gerald Zengeya, Business Optimization Strategist at Wealth Stewards

Brian Pasalich, Syntoniq Co-founder and CEO said, “we’re excited to be working with Pascal to deliver BeSci solutions to the Canadian market. Their team understands that making an emotional connection with clients is at the very heart of the advisor-client relationship.”

Brian Pasalich, Syntoniq Co-founder and CEO

Learn more about InvestorEQ at: www.pascalwealthtech.com/investoreq

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Pascal WealthTech designs digital technology to empower financial advisors. Integrated, intelligent and intuitive, the Pascal digital platform provides an end-to-end solution for independent advisors, family offices, portfolio managers and enterprise wealth management firms. From its best-in-class user experience to 100% digital onboarding and compliance, InvestorEQ behavioural finance profiling, intelligent portfolio builder and integrated client engagement tools including mobile app, Pascal makes the advisor’s world better.

Learn more at: www.pascalwealthtech.com

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